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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shifting Gears

This is the time of year that I make the shift from fishing mainly lakes to focusing on streams and rivers. There are a few mayfly hatches at this time of year but is the stonefly hatches that really bring larger trout to their feeding stations. If water levels are favorable on your local trout stream, have a look along the banks for signs of fresh stonefly emergence, then choose your fly accordingly.

Stonefly emergence sites are obvious on bridge abutments
but if you look closely at larger rocks and tree trunks along the stream
you will be surprised at the number of shed exuvia that are present.

There are four species of stonefly exuvia here - all emerging at the same time of year.

The white filaments are the linings of the tracheal respiratory system that are shed along with the exoskeleton.

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