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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Choosing the Right Fly Color

One thing to consider when tying nymph patterns is that many aquatic bugs will tend to match the predominant color of the substrate they inhabit. The nymphs of any one species can vary in color from stream to stream, and in some cases from one section of a stream to another - but usually within a range of colors that are characteristic for that species. Green Drake (Drunella) nymphs for example can range from mottled brown to olive-green. If most of the rocks are mottled shades of brown, the nymphs will tend towards the brown end of the spectrum. If the stream bottom is covered in a layer of dark algae, or darker colored rocks are more common, shades of olive or olive-brown will dominate. Something to consider next time you are choosing a fly color.

Camouflage is key when trying to avoid being eaten (Drunella grandis nymph)

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